About Me

I'm Jeanne, the J in J.Jewelry Designs. For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about creating things...all kinds of things. I'm a hairstylist by trade, so creating beautiful hair is the first thing on the list, but by no means the last. I'm an avid cook, baker, knitter, crocheter, and...jewelry maker! My amazing friends (& topcustomers) recently convinced me to share my jewelry creations with the world. Every piece is made entirely with my own two hands and lots of TLC. Each is unique and one of a kind! Custom orders are more than welcome...tell me what colors you desire and I'll create a piece just for you. You can email me at jjewelrydesigns@yahoo.com, or visit me on Instagram and Twitter @jjewelrydesigns. My hope is that my jewelry will bring as much joy to others as making them has brought me. xo J